Do Resident Insurance Policies Include Mold Damages?

It depends on what triggered the policy and the mold coverage you have. Molds need water or wetness to grow, however not all causes of water damage are covered by property owners insurance coverage.
Standard house owners policies do not cover water damage caused by "upkeep" issues, such as continuous or repeated water seepage or condensation, humidity or leakage issues, or landscaping or drain problems. Property owners policies likewise leave out water damage triggered by floods. If one of these water or moisture issues results in mold, it would most likely not be covered by your policy.

Requirement property owners policies do cover some types of sudden and unexpected water losses, including burst pipelines, and in some cases sewer back up or sump pump failure if you have that coverage. Nevertheless, even if your policy covers these types of water damage, some business have actually started to particularly exclude or limit protection for mold that results.
click site In Illinois, if mold results from water damage following a covered fire or lightning loss, the mold damage would be covered, and the total of all damages, including the mold, is subject to the complete policy limitation.

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